Naturally, the top attractions of the weekend's events are the lectures by each of our headliner magicians.  We work hard to get the very best. They're always great teachers, as well as extremely entertaining people. You can bank on having a ball and learning a lot from each and every one of them!       

Evening Shows

We have headline shows on Fri & Sat nights, featuring the headliners and possibly some additional guests. Specific lineups to follow. 

These are the only events the public can buy tickets for: $15 in advance or $20 at the door. Advance ticket info to follow. 

Marquee Close-Up Shows

On Saturday morning we get to see all our heavyweights perform close-up shows genuinely close up.  The attendees split up to gather around tables in 3 or 4 different rooms, and the performers rotate around so everybody gets to see each one perform a 20-minute set in this genuinely intimate setting.     

Panel Discussion

At one point we'll have all our headliners on stage together to talk about issues of their choosing, as well as topics you bring up. A moderator guides the way through this chemistry of thoughts.

Dealer's Tables

 We'll have a Dealer's Room with 5 dealer's tables. Cost is $50 + paid registration. There will also be free "swap meet tables" available to anyone who wants sell magic on Sunday.


This is "parlor magic", with each person getting up to 5 minutes. By parlor, we mean standing up, with no magic happening down on a table (though a table can be used to place props.) The contest is limited to the first 10 contestants, and that many have already signed up in advance.
The contest will be run by last year's winner, Javier Montelongo.  Judging will be done by a panel, with a focus on entertainment value.  

Specialty Workshops

On Sunday afternoon the headliners may offer extra-fee private workshops. They will choose the price, the min & max # of students, as well as the specific time to hold them. This past year Greg Wilson & Nate Kranzo both had good turnouts for their workshops.  

Impromptu Jam Sessions

This is the heart of the weekend for many. In-between events, during meals, and late at night, people gather together and share their hobby in this sea of kindred spirits. People gather in the venue room, the dealer's room, the restaurant, and in the hotel rooms. At night after everything closes there will be a gathering table just outside the venue room!