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Banachek is the cream of the crop when it comes to entertainers! He is the world's leading Mentalist, and to lay audiences (and most magicians) he appears to possess the uncanny ability to bend, warp and manipulate metal objects at will. He also performs mastery feats of clairvoyance, precognition, and hypnosis.​He is the only mentalist to fool scientists into believing he possessed 'Psychic powers' - only to later reveal he was using original methods shared with only a few magicians. He has since shared many of his methods in instructional DVDs and books on mentalism, including the best selling "Psychological Subtleties," series 1-3. He has received the coveted Psychic Entertainers Creativity award for his outstanding original contributions and inventions in the world of Mental entertainment. Banachek’s expertise has been sought by many top performers around the world, including Penn & Teller, David Blaine, Lance Burton, and Criss Angel. (Banachek was the magic producer for A&E’s MINDFREAK.) Banachek's lecture included something for everyone, regardless of skill level. He very likely changes the way some of us think about magic.  

Nathan Kranzo

Kranzo is one of the most innovative magicians in the country, and a heck of a fun guy. He has created a ton of unique and original magic, some of which you've probably seen in Magic Magazine, Genii, & The Linking Ring. He has performed his comedy magic show and lectured all over the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Japan. He's worked as a consultant for Penn & Teller, and for the series The Virtual Magician which aired in over 40 Countries. You may have seen him on the SyFy show "Wizard Wars," or most recently on the FOX show Houdini and Doyle. ​We laughed, we were amazed, many of us even had trouble sleeping.  

Gregory Wilson

Wilson is a two-time FISM award-winner with 15 best-selling instructional magic DVD's on the market. He has been awarded (by the International Brotherhood of Magicians) as the Most Creative Magician of the Year. He has contributed scores of original effects to MAGIC, Genii, Linking Ring, MUM, Arcane, Penumbra, Magic Menu, and other magazines worldwide -- as well as a full chapter in Paul Harris' The Art of Astonishment, a chapter in Harry Lorayne's Best of Friends 3, a chapter in John Lovick's Switch, and a chapter in the wildly popular Magic For Dummies. (Just don't hold that last one against him!) Greg's emphasis is on ENTERTAINMENT. Just because it's called a lecture doesn't mean it has to be dry and academic. Greg's is a rip-roaring, fast-paced, high-energy, laugh-out-loud, audience-involving SHOW! 

Al Lampkin

Al is a local favorite, and will be hosting and performing in the Saturday night show. He has appeared on over 100 TV shows, including the Tonight Show and the Rodney Dangerfield Comedy Special. He has been selected Best Comedy Act and Best Close-Up Magician of the Year by his peers. He has entertained in 25 countries, from Las Vegas to Tokyo, in venues as varied as casino showrooms, theaters, cruise ships, fairs, schools, countless private and corporate events, as well as the Magic Castle in Hollywood.