Schedule from 2017 event. 2018 will be similar

Friday Evening

4:30 pm: Dealer's open 

5:30 pm: A special section is reserved for us in the restaurant or lounge. Join your fellow magi for a no-host dinner. 

People can reserve their lecture seats as early as 5:15 pm 

7 pm: Gregory Wilson lecture 9 pm: Banachek stage show  


 8:45 am: Dealer's open 

9:45 am: Nate Kranzo lecture 

11:45 am: Marquee Close-Up Shows with all the headliners​ 

Late Lunch Break ​

2 pm: Banachek lecture​

4:30 pm: Panel Discussion with all the headliners ​

Long evening break - you deserve it!  ​

8:30 pm: Stage Show with Nate Kranzo, Gregory Wilson, & Al Lampkin 


8:45 am: Dealers and Swap Tables open 

10 am: More Gregory Wilson lecture!  
11:30 am: Contest. (Open to all) ​

1:30 pm: Nate Kranzo workshop​

3:30 pm: Gregory Wilson workshop