The Magic Jam is returning to SLC again! It's an annual 3-day magician's convention, full of lectures, shows, dealers, workshops, and the camaraderie of fellow magicians.  It's open to all levels of magic enthusiasts, from beginners to hobbyists to seasoned pros. 

We haven't firmed up this year's headliners yet, but we've got firm pencils from Eric Jones and Rocco Silano, and are looking to firm them up with a 3rd master by mid-Nov.

And we're thrilled to be returning to the Airport DoubleTree Hilton! 

Please start spreading the word to all the magicians you can reach!

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Registration is now open! Go to the Registration tab.

The inaugural SLC Magic Jam was March 2017, and what a great weekend it was! We were joined by headliners Banachek, Gregory Wilson, and Nate Kranzo, and all of us (as well as them!) had a raging good time.  Each of these masters did a great lecture, performed in our 2 evening shows, performed close-up shows, and had some great chemistry in our panel discussion. On top of this, they were extremely accessible hanging out with us between the events!   

I'm Greg Moreland and I put this together after having organized the Portland Magic Jam since 2009. The PMJ brings in around 150 magicians, and since I'd learned a few things about putting these together, I decided to try it in one more city. I tend to be a "just the facts" guy, so please forgive the lack of glitzy promotion here.